Winter is such a great time for fireplace lovers. When it’s cold and snowy outside, it feels great to stretch out, watch the flames snap and pop, and let the warmth soak in. Now that spring is here, you may be wishing there was some way to replicate that feeling. You can! Just give Chimney Doctors of Colorado a call and let us advise you on the benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace.


In the winter, a fireplace can keep you warm. Springtime weather can be tricky, as warm daytime hours can lead to cooler evenings. With an outdoor fireplace, you can keep the daytime party going by lighting a fire. It is such a cozy feeling to be out in the cool dusk of a spring evening, standing by a crackling fire. A great way to entertain family and friends is sharing a cold drink or some hot chocolate, reminiscing and keeping warm by your outdoor fireplace.


If you’re having family and friends over to visit around the outdoor fireplace, why not invite them over a little earlier and serve a meal cooked over your outdoor fireplace? Everyone loves the traditional campfire meal of roasted hot dogs, chips, and beans followed by tasty s’mores. But why not fancy things up a bit? There are many great meals you can make using an outdoor fireplace. You can use a skewer with meat and veggies or make more complex fare, such as stew ‘baked’ in a dutch oven. And why go for plain old s’mores when you can spice it up a bit simply by using different types of candy bars? Use a chocolate covered peanut butter bar or a peppermint flavored chocolate bar for a real taste treat.

Upping Your Home’s Value

Another positive of adding an outdoor fireplace to your yard is an increase in your home’s value. It’s common knowledge that an indoor fireplace is top on a lot of home buyers’ priority lists. The staff at Angie’s List decided to ask real estate agents whether outdoor fireplaces have the same effect on a home’s value as an indoor fireplace, and the response was an overwhelming yes. A properly installed, attractive outdoor fireplace will definitely add to your home’s value.

We Know How to Install an Outdoor Fireplace

At Chimney Doctors of Colorado, we have experience and knowledge about installing outdoor fireplaces, whether you are looking for a smaller model for a little backyard or if you have a bigger area to fill. We work with Regency, a top name in outdoor gas fireplaces, and we can help you pick the perfect fireplace to fit your needs, both in appearance and usability. Give us a call soon and you’ll be cozying up around a beautiful outdoor fireplace in no time!