When springtime comes, it seems like there are so many jobs that need to be tackled. While it’s cold out and snow is on the ground, it’s hard to get out and do so many things, like yard work, cleaning the windows, washing down the siding, and planting the garden. Another important job that needs to be done in the spring is making a telephone call: give Chimney Doctors of Colorado a call and we’ll get your chimney inspection and sweeping scheduled. While we’re there, we’ll check out your chimney lining and make sure it’s in tip-top condition.

What is a Lining?

Your chimney lining is just that: a lining to keep your chimney safe from the corrosive effects of smoke, the harsh effects of the extreme heat of fire, and the wear and tear of precipitation. It can be made of clay, ceramic, or metal. Chimney liners are such an important part of your chimney system that most fire codes now require that you have one.

A chimney liner plays three main roles. For one thing, it makes your fireplace more efficient. It does this by making sure that your chimney is properly sized for the type of heating appliance that you have. Another thing that it does is it keeps your house safe from the heat transfer from your fire; it keeps the walls and woodwork that surround your fireplace safe from the heat of the fire. Lastly, it keeps your brick and mortar free from the chemicals that are released when you are burning a fire in your fireplace.

Types of Liners

If, during the course of your chimney inspection, we find that your chimney lining has been damaged, we may recommend that you have your liner replaced. A cracked liner can allow corrosive materials or precipitation to leak through to your chimney, and that could lead to structural damage. Worse yet, a cracked liner may allow dangerous gases, including carbon monoxide, to leak back into your home.

What Kind of Liner is Best

At Chimney Doctors of Colorado, we know what to look for as far as chimney liner damage is concerned. We also know exactly which type of chimney liner is the best replacement for your cracked liner, and that is Simpson Dura Vent stainless steel liner. When you use Simpson Dura Vent, you know that you are getting the most durable liner possible, so you won’t have to worry about replacement for years to come. Not only that, but Simpson Dura Vent liners can be used for any fuel type, so no matter what type of fuel you are using, you know your chimney will be protected.

At Chimney Doctors of Colorado, we know there is nothing more valuable to you than your families’ safely. If you want the best product installed by the best in the business, give us a call today and set up your chimney inspection and cleaning.