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Central Colorado’s Best Chimney & Masonry Repairs

Are you looking for a team of skilled masons you can count on to perform expert chimney and masonry repairs? If you live in Bailey, Evergreen, Conifer, Golden, Littleton, Lakewood, or anywhere else in Central Colorado, look no further than Chimney Doctors of Colorado. Our team has over 12 years of industry experience and has repaired and restored the chimneys and fireplaces of countless homeowners in Park, Jefferson, Clear Creek, Douglas, and Arapahoe counties. Whether your masonry repair needs are minor or major, you can count on the experienced and certified pros at Chimney Doctors of Colorado to provide you with the most beautiful, effective, and durable results possible.

Our Masonry & Chimney Repair Specialties

We take pride in our masonry work and are committed to providing the most professional results, each and every time. We offer these specialty services:

  • Crown Repairs – The crown or cement cover that rests atop your chimney stack is vital to a healthy chimney. It works to keep moisture, debris, birds, and little furry ones out of your chimney stack, season after season, year after year. But unfortunately, crowns can develop cracks or wear away over time, especially if they weren’t built of proper materials and to proper standards. If your crown is starting to fail, we can help. We provide expert repair and rebuild services and will make sure your chimney stays high and dry. Click here for more information.
  • Tuckpointing – Whether your chimney is brick or stone, the mortar that holds these materials together plays a crucial role in helping your chimney maintain its strength and structural integrity. When these mortar joints start to recede, crack, or crumble, whether as a result of weather, age, house settling, or some other factor, the chimney’s safety and functionality are compromised. If your chimney stack is riddled with mortar damage, our team can provide seamless, clean tuckpointing work that will restore your chimney and leave it looking better than ever. Learn more here.
  • Chimney Rebuilds & Framing – From leaning chimneys and poorly built chimneys to chimneys damaged by fire, earthquake, or strong storms, the experts at Chimney Doctors of Colorado take care of it all. Our team is certified and experienced and can make sure your chimney is rebuilt to proper specs and ready to vent your fireplace or stove properly and effectively. Click here for more on our chimney rebuild and framing work. 
  • Fireplace Facelifts – Is the appearance of your fireplace making time spent by the fire less enjoyable? It’s time for a facelift! We are experts at removing stains, rebuilding fireboxes, and giving fireplaces fresh, new looks. Learn more about our fireplace facelift work here.
  • Chase Construction, Repair, & CoversIs the chase of your chimney as beautiful and effective as it could and should be? If not, we can help. We build and repair chases and install durable chase covers to keep your chimney system protected, season after season. Find out more here.

If you live in Central Colorado and are in need of reliable, professional, and long-lasting chimney and masonry repairs, call Chimney Doctors of Colorado at 303-838-3009 or click here today! We can help!


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