Everyone knows how nice it is to cozy up in front of a fire in the middle of a Colorado snowstorm, watching the snow fall outside the window. Did you also know how great it feels to sit outside on a warm summer evening, after the heat has left the air, and cozy up in front of an outdoor fireplace? It’s true – a fireplace can be great year round!

Summer Get Togethers

Summer is a perfect time to get friends and family together. Summer food is easy to make and tastes great! Travel is easy, and it’s easy to walk out the door without having to worry about coats and sweaters. A big plus is you don’t have to worry about cleaning your house before or afterwards, because you can easily host a get together in your backyard. Just set up some serving tables outside, ask friends to bring a favorite salad or a bag of chips, and start up the outdoor fireplace. There are all kinds of main dishes you can prepare on the grill and desserts can be made right over the fire!

Start out by getting out the grill, it’s easy to grab some hamburgers, steaks, pork chops, or chicken and get them cooking in a hurry. For added flavor, place the meat in a marinade a few hours before guests arrive. And, for a tasty dessert that gets your guests involved, try roasting marshmallows for s’mores that will bring your guests memories from their younger days. Try jazzing them up by changing up the type of candy bar you use. Peanut butter cups taste great, but for a nice minty flavor, a mint patty works well. Or try a wafer cookie candy bar for added crunch. You can even change the graham cracker out for a chocolate striped cookie, a chocolate covered graham cracker, or any other type of cookie you can find. In fact, the only limit to your s’more making is your imagination. Just set up a table with different types of cookies or crackers for the base, a variety of candy bars, and marshmallows and have plenty of marshmallow roasting forks available for your guests to use to make their own sweet treat.

Install a New Outdoor Fireplace

Does this sound like a great way to spend a summer evening? If you don’t have a backyard fireplace, help is just a phone call away. Just give us a call at 303-838-3009 and let Chimney Doctors of Colorado set you up with a beautiful outdoor gas fireplace. We sell gas fireplaces from Regency, and they offer all types of sizes and designs to fit your vision for the perfect backyard.

Now is the perfect time to start planning an outdoor party. Just call your friends and family, put out some food, and make some good memories that will get you through the cold, snowy days of winter!