If you’re looking for a new heating source or an additional heating source, you might want to look at adding a stove of some sort. These stoves can be a source of heat while adding charm to any room. If you’ve decided that you’d like to add some sort of stove to your home, you can choose between a gas, a wood, or a pellet stove, depending on the style of your room and the type of feel you’re trying to achieve.Gas, Wood, or Pellet Stoves - Conifer CO - Chimney Doctors of Colorado

Gas Stove

Many homeowners are turning to gas stoves as a way to add the charm of a burning fire and extra warmth to a room. Choosing gas has several advantages, number one being that it is a clean burning fuel. This is great for the environment and great for you, because it means less creosote build-up which means less chance of a chimney fire. Burning with gas is also convenient; with a flip of a switch you can turn the flame on or off. Another benefit is that it can be vented through a wall, so placement is more versatile.

Wood Stove

Although gas is a great, convenient option for many homeowners, for others, there’s nothing that can replace the experience of a real wood fire. If you’re one of those homeowners, then a wood burning appliance is right for you. Wood burning has several benefits as well, one being that wood itself is a renewable natural resource. You can control what type of wood you burn for a hotter burning fire, and you can even use different types of wood for different smells. So if you like a fruity smelling wood, choose apple wood to burn.

Pellet Stove

If you like the idea of using a renewable resource but not the idea of storing firewood and building a fire every time you want to enjoy a fire, a pellet stove is the way to go. The pellets burned are actual wood pieces which are fed into the stove through a hopper. Typically, pellet burners are more efficient than wood stoves, but because they use a hopper and a fan to deliver the pellets for burning, if there’s no electricity, you won’t be able to use your stove. Pellets burn like wood but you don’t need as large a storage area as you do for storing cut wood.

Get Expert Advice and Service

Why just use a space heater when you can add an attractive centerpiece to your room by installing a gas, wood, or pellet stove? If you’re looking for a stove to help heat your home, stop by Chimney Doctors of Colorado and let us show you the available options. We can offer great advice as to which option will best fit what you’re looking for, and we can install any type of stove and keep your home up to code, following all safety standards and regulations. Our years of training and experience make us the best in the business! Call today and enjoy a beautiful new stove by the time those crisp autumn nights arrive!