We go on yearly vacations, take family pictures once a year, celebrate birthdays and Christmas annually. There are other things that aren’t quite as much fun to do, but are equally important to do on an annual basis. And if you’re a homeowner with a fireplace, one of the most important annual rituals you should do is to have your chimney and fireplace inspected. When you trust this annual inspection to experts like those at Chimney Doctors of Colorado, you know that it’s in great hands.

Why is it Important to Have a Yearly Inspection

It’s important to have your chimney checked during the summer months. This is the time that birds and other critters like to build their nests. An ideal place to build these nests is in a brick and mortar chimney. Other debris can also blow down your chimney, like twigs and dry leaves. These should be removed so that they can’t catch sparks from your fire.

You use your fireplace on a regular basis throughout the winter months. It’s a great feeling to cozy up in front of a crackling fire. But this regular usage causes a build-up of creosote to occur. GuideOne Insurance explains that your chimney can’t avoid having a creosote build-up. Why? Because this is the primary route for water vapor, unburned wood particles, tar fog, and other minerals to escape.

Another reason that yearly inspection is so important is that your chimney may have structural damage. However, some of this damage isn’t visible to the untrained eye. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) website, water in the form of precipitation can get into the mortar and the brick of your chimney. When this water freezes, it can cause cracks to enlarge in your chimney. This can cause structural damage that can lead to major repairs.

importance-of-annual-chimney-inspection-littleton-co-chimney-doctors-of-coloradoThree Levels of Inspection

It’s important to realize that there are different levels of chimney inspections. One for every homeowner’s needs. If your chimney is in good condition and has had regular inspections and cleanings, a level one inspection is probably just what you need. This type of inspection will focus on the easily viewed and accessible parts of the chimney system. This is fine when your fireplace is working well.

Buying a home with a fireplace, changes in how your fireplace is working, or if you have ever had part replacement will require a level two inspection. At this level, the Chimney Doctors of Colorado experts will check out the interior of your flue using video scanning equipment. Basically, this is a more in-depth inspection.

If you know there are major problems with your fireplace system, you may need to go with a level three inspection. Because this often involves demo work, this level of inspection is usually used only as a last resort.

Trust the Chimney Doctors of Colorado

Whatever level of inspection you decide on, the chimney experts at Chimney Doctors of Colorado should be your first call. They have the knowledge, the professionalism, and the experience to do any level of inspection right – so make sure that you have them in to inspect your chimney system on an annual basis!