Have you been talking about getting a new fireplace for quite a while but just haven’t gotten around to doing the research? Are you considering re-doing your family room and know that nothing would bring the warm and cozy like a homey fireplace? Can you never think of just the right thing to give your significant other? This Christmas season is the perfect time to go out and make that special purchase – a beautiful, efficient fireplace. Who should you call to make sure that that fireplace is installed safely and according to industry standards? Why, the Chimney Doctors of Colorado, of course!

A New Fireplace - The Gift that Keeps on Giving Image - Conifer CO - Chimney DoctorsThings to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Purchasing a fireplace is not exactly like going out and buying a watch as a gift. There are many things to think about before committing to the purchase. According to the Readers Digest website, one of the first questions to consider is – what do you want out of your fireplace? Are you looking to make your room look cozy and inviting, or are you wanting to heat the room? Or, do you want to accomplish both of these things? If it’s heating you’re looking for, understand that a fireplace won’t heat more than one room. And if you’re looking to improve the look of your room, you’ll want to ask your salesperson about trimming the fireplace. There are often options available that aren’t in the showroom, and your salesperson can help you find the style that’s right for you.

Practical Considerations

Although looks are important, there are more practical considerations to think about. Homify explains the importance of understanding the cost of a fireplace. Not just the initial costs, but also the ongoing costs. These include supplies, repairs, yearly inspections and cleanings, just to name a few. They go on to talk about what heat source you plan to use: wood, pellet, gas, electric, or bio-ethanol. There are advantages to each of these, and the experts at the Chimney Doctors of Colorado are well qualified to help you pick what’s right for you!

It’s also very important to consider what the ventilation in your room is like. If there isn’t proper ventilation, it can cause you or your loved ones to become dizzy or nauseated. There are ways to get around this. For example, most gas fireplaces have a venting system that allows gases to be released outside. Most fireplaces are self-contained and don’t allow smoke to be released into the room. There are also other options which the employees at Chimney Doctors of Colorado can help you find.

Call the Experts

When you have picked the perfect fireplace, it’s also important to make sure that it is installed correctly. Is this a do-it-yourself job? Definitely not! Because venting is such a key consideration, make sure that you call a service that is properly equipped to vent your new appliance. You’ll also want to make sure that your new fireplace is placed the proper distance from anything combustible. If it isn’t properly installed, you may be voiding your warranty. So make sure that you call the Chimney Doctors of Colorado. They have twelve years of experience installing fireplaces and inserts, and have National Fireplace Institute and Chimney Safety Institute of America certifications. Call today!