Just like other industry, the chimney industry has its own terminology. Terms like dampers, chimney crowns, efflorescence, creosote, and spalling are words you’ll hear when you get your chimney inspected and cleaned. Another term you may hear is tuckpointing, or repointing. It’s important for you to understand these terms, especially when it comes to having work done on your chimney. No one wants to have unnecessary work done, but at Chimney Doctors of Colorado, the only repair work we suggest is necessary repairs.

Mortar Work

nice masonry chimney repair in progressWhen we come inspect your chimney, one of the things we look at is the condition of the structure. We’ll make sure that the bricks and mortar are secure and in good condition. Although your masonry may seem like it’s built to lasting for generations, just like everything else, your chimney can suffer damages from continual exposure to wind, rain, sleet,hail, and other types of bad weather. Precipitation, in particular, is very bad on your mortar and bricks.

Bricks and mortar are porous materials, and when precipitation hits, the moisture gets into the pores. When the cold Colorado winter hits, that precipitation freezes and expands, and that causes the pores to expand and get even bigger. This process is called the freeze-thaw cycle. When the pores get bigger, it can cause the structure of your chimney to weaken.

Signs of Weak Bricks and Mortar

If you look around your house at the base of the chimney, you may see white flakes and crumbles. This is called spalling, and it’s a good sign that you have problems with the mortar. The white stuff is actually crumbling mortar that are flaking off the existing structure of your chimney. Spalling is not good, as this can weaken the integrity of your chimney system.


If you’ve noticed spalling, it’s time to give Chimney Doctors of Colorado a call. We have the solution for it: tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is the process of removing the old, weakened mortar out of the space between the bricks and replacing it with new, strong mortar. This may sound like an easy process, but it’s best left to the professionals at Chimney Doctors of Colorado. We have the proper tools to handle the job, and we also have the experience of matching new mortar to the existing mortar, so the result of your newly repaired chimney is identical.

Make sure to call in the CSIA certified professionals at Chimney Doctors of Colorado for your tuckpointing needs. We’re dedicated to fixing your chimney and making it strong so you can enjoy your fireplace all winter long and for years to come!