The end of February already. Soon the cold, snowy days of a Colorado winter will be turning into balmy, warm spring weather. Now it’s time to start to think about getting your chimney and fireplace closed down for the season. Below are several steps to ensure that your chimney is in tip-top shape for the next winter season.

Clean It Up

A deep down clean is best left to the professionals but you can do a bit of spot cleaning on your own. This gets things tidied up before you get your annual inspection and cleaning done. Use a fireplace broom and dustpan, or a handheld vacuum, to brush off loose ashes from the floor and base of your fireplace. To make sure you don’t have fly away ashes, one recommendation is to sprinkle used coffee grounds on the ashes before sweeping. You can also clean the exterior bricks of your fireplace by spraying them with water followed by a hearth cleaner if you have a newer fireplace. Just water is fine if you have an older fireplace – 50 years or older. Finish up by cleaning the glass doors of your fireplace by spraying these with hearth cleaner and wiping them down.

Annual Inspection and Sweeping

As soon as you know that spring is solidly here, it’s a great idea to make an appointment to get your chimney cleaned and swept by a professional, CSIA certified chimney sweep. This credential is recognized across the industry as the measure of excellence in chimney sweep knowledge and excellence in service. During the damp spring season, the creosote build-up in your chimney may start to smell, allowing odors into your home. The best way to eliminate these odors is to have your chimney cleaned early on in the spring. And as long as you’re getting your chimney swept, you should schedule your inspection at the same time. If you live in the Park, Jefferson, or Clear Creek Colorado areas, the best in the business is the Chimney Doctors of Colorado.

Gas Fireplaces

If you have a gas fireplace, your fire burns using a pilot light. Make sure that you have turned that pilot light off, as that small flame does use energy.


The dampers in your chimney work to close off your home from the air that comes in down your chimney and also to make sure that the cold air from your air conditioning doesn’t leave through the chimney. This can also keep odors from your chimney from getting into your home. For these reasons when you’re done using the chimney for your log-burning fire for the season, make sure you close the dampers all the way.

Chimney Doctors of Colorado

Chimney Doctors of Colorado hires CSIA certified technicians to inspect and clean your chimney. They are experienced in repairing any of your chimney needs. Also, they are certified to clean your dryer vents as well. Beat the rush and call to set up your annual spring chimney inspection and cleaning. Call today!