When you want something done right, it’s important to call the most qualified people for the job. This goes for finding someone to paint your house, to bake your wedding cake, or to diagnose your health problems. You want someone who is willing to continue to seek educational opportunities in the trade, and who is willing to stay up on industry standards. This also holds true when you’re dealing with chimney cleaning and repair. There are many things that could go wrong when it comes to your fireplace and chimney, but the best way to keep them in good repair and tip-top running condition is to have it inspected and cleaned on a regular basis by Chimney Safety Institute of America certified professionals like those at Chimney Doctors of Colorado.

Chimney Safety Institute of AmericaProfessional Certifications - Conifer CO - Chimney Doctors of Colorado

The highest certification in the country for chimney inspection and sweeping is CSIA certification. The CSIA certification is recognized as the highest standard in the industry. To earn this certification, sweeps go through an intensive training schedule, including a six-day training school. After the training, they take a one hour, 100 question examination and a 90 minute open book examination. Not only is it recognized across the industry, it is also recognized by insurance underwriters, and also by state, federal, and local agencies. The certification is “the measure of a chimney sweep’s knowledge about the evaluation and maintenance of chimney and venting systems.”

National Fireplace Institute

The National Fireplace Institute is another certification that is held in high esteem across the industry. Its objective is “to increase public safety by establishing meaningful credentials for professionals involved in planning and installing residential hearth appliances and venting system.” NFI grants certification as gas specialists, woodburning specialists, and pellet specialists. If someone earns all three of these certifications, they are granted Master Hearth Professional status. The Chimney Doctors of Colorado is also NFI certified.

National Chimney Sweep Guild

Another certification that Chimney Doctors of Colorado holds is from the National Chimney Sweep Guild. What this certification gives is access to special educational opportunities and to the NCSG’s technical advisory council, among other benefits.

Rocky Mountain Hearth, Patio, & Barbecue Association

This certification gives educational benefits to its members, as well as valuable networking opportunities with other qualified, knowledgeable communities. They also offer members a voice: a voice in legislative and governmental regulations that will affect the members directly. It allows them to stay on top of the industry standards and regulations.

Professional Certification

So why should all of these professional certifications matter to you? Because it means that the Chimney Doctors of Colorado is dedicated to staying on top of all of the latest innovations in technology. Staying up to date helps us to keep your home and your family safe. Chimney Doctors of Colorado will continue to strive to meet the highest standards of service and customer satisfaction.