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Changing out or installing a fireplace or insert isn’t like changing out a light bulb. These appliances have very specific installation needs and requirements, which is why they should be installed by professionals with expert knowledge and experience. If proper clearance to combustibles isn’t adhered to or manufacturer’s installation instructions aren’t heeded and followed to a T, the repercussions can be devastating:

  • Venting Issues & Inefficiency – Whether you’re installing a wood, pellet, or gas appliance, proper venting is vital. If the appliance is not properly connected to the chimney or the chimney is not properly fitted and equipped to vent the attached appliance, you can expect appliance inefficiency, smoke problems, and dangers like exposure to carbon monoxide.
  • House Fire – One of the most important aspects of fireplace and insert installation is proper clearance from combustibles. If the appliance is installed without proper clearance, heat can transfer to nearby framing and insulation and easily spark a house fire.
  • Warranty Void – Another concern that comes with improper installation is warranty void. Most manufacturers only honor warranties if the appliance was installed by a certified professional.

Those of us here at Chimney Doctors of Colorado have more than 12 years of fireplace and insert installation experience and have received our certification through the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Whether you’re adding a new appliance or replacing your drafty and inefficient fireplace with a new wood-, gas-, or pellet-burning appliance, you can expect us to provide expert installation services. We even run gas lines, so if you’re switching from wood to gas, we’ve got you covered.

Gas, Wood, Pellet Fireplaces & Inserts From Regency & Hampton

We are proud to sell and install the most beautiful and efficient gas, wood, and pellet fireplaces and inserts in the industry – Regency and Hampton. Both lines are known for creating the most efficient and well-crafted products and for providing excellent warranties and customer care. Whether you’re shopping for contemporary or traditional; 3-sided or panoramic views; stainless steel or cast iron – you’ll find plenty of beautiful and highly efficient fireplaces and inserts right here.

For more information or scheduling, please call 303-838-3009 or click here. We’re here to help make your installation easy and stress-free!


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