Now that the holiday season is rapidly approaching, you’ve got so many things on your mind. Not to mention, your to-do list is probably about a mile long! One of the great things about the holidays is the opportunity to invite friends and family over to enjoy the holidays with you. But have you noticed that when you start thinking about hosting a celebration of these sorts, you start to notice that your house isn’t looking as spiffy as you’d like it to? All the little flaws and imperfections start looking very obvious! If you’re thinking that you’d like to make some changes, one great place to start is your fireplace. Whether you’re thinking about making big changes or smaller ones, when you start with your fireplace, it’ll make a big difference with the ambiance of the room and your home.

Changes You Can MakeIn need of a fireplace facelift this season?

If you want to make a change but would like to start small, then start with something like adding a screen? There are different types of screens to choose from, so you should be able to find something that fits right in with the look you’re going for. If you have a little more time on your hands and are feeling slightly more ambitious, you might want to look at adding some color to your room by painting the fireplace surround. Contrasting colors work well and make your fireplace a focal point of a room.

If you don’t mind spending a little more, you might want to go for a completely different look by adding a new surround. There are many different looks and colors to consider. Tiles come in a wide variety of colors, and you can choose from styles varying from old fashioned to contemporary. Or opt for a traditional look by adding a stone veneer fireplace surround.

A great way to add new style to your fireplace is to replace your current mantel. Did you know that mantels come in different styles? If replacing the mantel itself isn’t an option, try decorations sure to bring life to the holiday season. You can look to the great outdoors for inspiration and add some evergreen boughs and pine cones to the mantel. An old fashioned lantern adds rustic charm, and red bows give the whole look color and cheeriness. Or look to your ornament collection to add a festive, holiday touch. Ornaments from Christmases past will sure to be great conversation starters, while bringing up fond memories. Candles add a warm glow, but remember to keep a close eye on candles that have burned down. A safe alternative to real candles are realistic looking battery operated candles that flicker just like the real thing.

Trust Chimney Doctors of Colorado

No matter what changes you are looking into making with your fireplace, the chimney company you use shouldn’t be a hard decision. Chimney Doctors of Colorado have been in business since 2003, and in that time, we’ve proven ourselves as a to-go company by offering quality service and sales. Give us a call today and we can offer great advice on changing up the look of your fireplace.