When you think about calling Chimney Doctors of Colorado, you probably think about all the great things they can do for your chimney.dryer vent hose Chimney Doctors of Colorado are experts when it comes to chimney inspections and cleanings, and they can find and fix any repairs or rebuilds that need to be undertaken. But that’s not all that we’re good at. We can also make sure that your dryer vents are cleaned out and ready for the winter months.

Why Does Your Dryer Vent Need to be Cleaned?

Your dryer is a wonderful invention which has saved many hours of work for families. Even the best washer doesn’t get all the water out of your clothes, and that’s what the dryer is for! The drum of your dryer has paddles in it, and these paddles carry your clothes from the bottom of the drum to the top. When they get to the top, the wet clothes drop down to the bottom, and the cycle continues. As the drum is turning, warm air is being blown through the drum and through the clothes that is tumbling around. This dries the clothes and fluffs them up at the same time. Another thing that happens, however, is that small particles of fluff or fibers from your clothes are being blown out of your clothes, and those fibers are called lint.

Every time you use your dryer, lint builds up. This is what the lint tray is for, right? This is why it’s so important to clean out the lint tray after every load. The lint tray does catch a lot of the lint, but unfortunately, it isn’t enough. The fact is, some of that lint gets through. These extra particles go down the hose that connects the dryer to the outdoors. Because the air that carries the particles is moist, it makes it easier for those particles to stick to the sides of that hose, and that’s where the trouble comes in. As these particles stick, they can cause a buildup that can start to block the flow of air, making your dryer run less efficiently, which means it will take longer for your clothes to dry. Not only that, but this lint buildup can easily catch a random spark and start a dryer vent fire.

Have Your Vents Cleaned Professionally

It is very important to have your dryer vents cleaned out on a regular basis, and to have them cleaned out by professionals. It may be tempting to do this job yourself, but when you have a professional do the job, you know it’s done right. The professionals to call are Chimney Doctors of Colorado. Our workers are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, and this guarantees that they know how to make sure that your vents are completely cleared out so that you can run your dryer with confidence, knowing that your family will be kept safe from the fear of a dryer vent fire.