It’s never good news to hear you have a leak, whether it’s in your car’s radiator hose or your kitchen sink. If your chimney is leaking, the same is true. Chimney leaks can be messy and odor-causing, but they can also cause deeper damage to your fireplace and chimney system. If you suspect you have a leak, it’s important to call Chimney Doctors of Colorado right away. We will find the source of that leak before the damage gets so deep that major repair work is necessary.

Signs You Have A Leakthree chimneys deteriorating

Some of the earliest signs that your chimney is leaking may be cosmetic. Take a look at the ceiling near your fireplace. If the ceiling has brown spots on it, or if it is spongy or soft, it’s a very good possibility that there is a leak in your chimney. The same is true for your walls. Stained, mildewed or peeling wallcoverings or softened areas indicate water damage. Rust is another sure sign that there’s a leak somewhere. Take a look at any metal parts of your chimney, such as the damper system or fireplace accessories for signs of rust or warping.

Take a walk outside your home and pay close attention to the condition of the brick and mortar. If you see flakes and flecks of white on the ground around the chimney, you have a condition called spalling. This is when water gets into the pores of the bricks and causes the top surface to flake away. Another problem to look for is efflorescence. Take a look for sparkling brick, or a layer of crystal-like material forming on the surface. This is another sign of cracks in your bricks because that sparkle and crystal are salt deposits blooming out of your brick and mortar.

Cause for Concern

Any of these signs of water leakage should be a cause for concern. If there are cracks or fissures in your brickwork, the structural integrity of your chimney is at stake. When these cracks exist, the purpose of your chimney, which is to expel the byproducts of combustion out of your home, is not being fulfilled. This means that dangerous chemicals, such as carbon monoxide, may be lingering in your home, harming the health of your family. Your fireplace will also not be performing at its maximum level of efficiency, and that means more money spent on heating bills.

Now is a great time to give Chimney Doctors of Colorado a call and have us in to check out the condition of your chimney. We’ll look for the source of any leakage and get those leaks fixed before they cause any long-lasting damage that will end up in costly repair bills.