It’s easy to see the value of some things. You get a good education so that you can further your career. Having your car serviced on a regular basis keeps it running smoothly. You treat your friends and family right so you can share in the good times – and get comfort and help in the bad times. Something else that can have value beyond what you know? Having your chimney inspected and cleaned!

The Value Of Annual Inspection

Why is it so important to have your chimney inspected? Really, what’s the big deal? Your chimney is a big structure, so the chances of a chimney fire are really slim, right? Actually, that’s not true. Your chimney may seem like a big structure on the outside, but if you try to look up and into it, you’ll soon find out that it’s actually pretty narrow.

When you burn a fire in your fireplace, the smoke goes up into the chimney and out of your home. This is great; smoke in the room can cause burning, itching eyes and breathing and lung problems. A problem with the smoke, however, is that smoke can contribute to creosote buildup. Creosote is a brownish or blackish, nasty smelling substance that builds up on the inside of your chimney, especially closer to the top where the vapors in the smoke hit the colder surface of the chimney and condense there. Creosote is highly flammable and can contribute to chimney fires. That’s one reason you should burn seasoned wood, too; it’ll burn with less smoke and hotter, which builds up less creosote.

So, can’t you just clean this out yourself? You can give it a try, but chances are, you’re not going to be able to get high enough to reach all the creosote buildup that exists inside your chimney. Calling a CSIA certified chimney sweep company like Chimney Doctors of Colorado is a good idea; they have the experience to know how to remove that creosote, plus they have the tools that make the job easier and more effective.

Structural Damage

Another thing that Chimney Doctors of Colorado inspectors look for is structural damage. Wear and tear over time can have a deteriorating effect on your chimney, and these professionals know just what to look for to determine if repairs need to be undertaken. Although your chimney might look just fine on the outside, there can be damage evident only from the inside of your chimney, and Chimney Doctors of Colorado have video inspection equipment that can be used if they believe further inspection is needed to determine if damage exists.

Have Your Chimney Inspected Soon

Now is the time to schedule your chimney inspection, before the cool days of fall arrive. Go into fire burning season confident that your chimney is safe and clear of potentially dangerous creosote buildup!