Everyone knows what Chimney Doctors of Colorado does, right? It’s pretty clear from the name that we are experts in all things chimneys, whether that’s inspecting, cleaning, or any type of chimney repair jobs. We also offer a wide range of heating appliances and accessories, and our employees are highly qualified to offer advice on taking care of your chimney or what type of heating appliance will work best for your home and your heating needs. But did you know that we offer another service as well? That’s right, we also offer dryer vent cleaning. Although this service isn’t as familiar as chimney inspection and cleaning, it is equally important to have done on an annual basis, and here are three reasons why!

Reason Number Onehand in clothing dryer holding pink towel

First, by having your dryer vents cleaned, you’ll be lowering your energy bills! When you wash your clothes, some small pieces of fiber come off the clothes. Your dryer is just basically a spinning drum with tumblers inside. Those tumblers carry the clothes from the bottom to the top, at which point they fall back to the bottom. Warm air is pushed through the drum and the clothes fall through the warm air, which dries them. The air goes out through the lint screen and through the dryer vent, into the outside air. But the fibers that got washed off blow through the lint screen as well and get caught there, forming a blanket of lint. Some get through, however, and that’s what can line the inside of the dryer vent, making the hole that the air goes through getting smaller and smaller. That causes stress for the motor of the dryer because it makes the motor push harder to get the air out. When you clear out the lint, it makes the motor work less hard, and that means that your electric bills will go down!

Reason Number Two

Another reason to have your dryer vents cleaned is that you don’t want a vent fire. That lint blanket that is forming on the inside of the dryer vent is highly flammable, and if even a small spark from your dryer gets through and lands in that buildup, you could have a devastating fire that could quickly spread to the rest of your home.

Reason Number Three

Cleaning out the dryer vents speeds up your drying time. Have you noticed that it’s taking longer to dry a load or that you have to run the dryer twice to get a load of clothes dry? This might be because your dryer vent is getting full. This can add up on your electric bill as well.

Three good reasons to have your dryer vents cleaned. Three good reasons to give Chimney Doctors of Colorado a call today! We’re not only experts at chimney work, but we’re also experts at cleaning out your dryer vents, too. We pride ourselves on keeping your home clean while we clean out your vents. That’s service you can count on!