Now that autumn is here, it’s nice to start thinking about all those lovely things that fall brings, like falling leaves and autumn colors of orange and gold and red. It also brings thoughts of pumpkins and gourds, of raking leaves and burning those piles and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the flames.

Fall decor can be beautiful and easy with fall colors and pumpkins. You can add some of the beautiful colors to your home by adding pumpkins and leaves to your decor, or putting a pretty fall tablecloth or table runner on your dining room table and topping it with a centerpiece of fall flowers, such as mums or sunflowers. Plug in a scent warmer and add some pumpkin or apple spiced wax scents to really add to the fall feel. How good will it feel to walk into your home and enjoy the outdoor fall beauty indoors! If you’re really looking to decorate for the fall, you don’t want to neglect your fireplace!

Ideas for Decorating Your Fireplacefall decorated mantel

One of the easiest ways to change up the look of your fireplace is to start with the mantel. Adding fall flowers or leaves is an easy way to decorate. If you head to your local craft store, you can get some lovely silk flowers that look like the real thing. Sunflowers add a bright, sunny touch, and mums bring those lovely fall colors into the room in a natural way. Deep purples look so pretty, and go great with the deep golds and oranges. Candles always add a sense of warmth, so add some tall wide-based candle holders in varying heights and top them with neutral colored candles, then sprinkle some silk leaves to bring that color scheme together. You can even add a string of little white lights to add a soft glimmer above the glow of a crackling fire.

After you get your mantel looking just right, think about the hearth. If you haven’t started using your fireplace yet, there are some lovely candle holders that fit right inside your fireplace. These fill an empty space so well and adds a warm glow to the room on a cool fall day.

Another way to bring fall indoors is to add some tall vases or baskets to the sides of the fireplace, right on the hearth. Fill those vases with tall filmy ferns in a neutral color, then add some pumpkins to fill in and add a spark of color to the room. To finish the look, bring in an eye catching wall hanging above the mantel to tie your look together..

Come On In!

Whether you add vases or baskets, flower or candles, or a mix of different things, the place to turn for all your fireplace needs is Chimney Doctors of Colorado. If you’re looking for fireplace accessories or even just ideas, our helpful staff is there to help you. We love all things fireplace, and nothing makes us happier than making your home look good. Stop in anytime and let us help you with all your fireplace needs!