There’s no place like Colorado to enjoy these beautiful, warm spring days. After a cold, snowy winter, it feels so good to take a long walk in the warm sunshine, or to go on a hike and hear the birds singing a happy tune, just as happy as you are to be out in the beautiful weather. But the sun doesn’t always shine every spring day; there are also days of rain and wind. The combination of wind and rain and hot sunshine can have some pretty devastating effects on your chimney. And if it’s not the wind and rain causing damage, there’re always critters there to cause breakdowns to occur.


When you’re a kid in elementary school, you learn about the effects of weathering on the environment, and those same effects can occur to your chimney. Just the steady beating down of rain against the mortar can cause it to wear away, and the driving wind can have the same effect. But even more damaging is the freeze-thaw cycle, especially in the early spring days, when the temperature can go from warmer during the day to below freezing at night. During the rainy spring weather, the moisture will permeate into the porous brick and mortar, and when the temperatures dip below freezing at night, that moisture will freeze and expand, causing bigger pores. These can fill with moisture again, and as the freeze-thaw cycle continues, those cracks get bigger yet. Over time, this can cause structural damage to occur, and with enough time, it can cause a tilted or collapsed chimney structure.

Critter Damage

Another force that can cause damage to your chimney in the springtime is the creatures that are looking to start their families. Spring is the time for babies in nature, and birds, squirrels, even raccoons are looking for safe, warm, dark, and dry places to raise those babies. They also want a spot where predators that are looking to get rid of those babies can’t find them. The perfect spot for them is right in your chimney. This is especially true if your chimney cap isn’t in the best shape. A chimney cap fits on top of your chimney and is designed to keep the rain out of your chimney. It has a sloped roof, and the sides are made of grated steel to let smoke out of the house while keeping animals from getting in. If there’s been rust or other damage to the chimney cap, it could give animals or birds easier access into your chimney. Once in, they can build a nest and raise a family of little ones that can make lots of noise and cause your quiet evenings to be not so quiet. Another problem with this is that the nest, when dried out after the family leaves, can cause blockages or kindling for a chimney fire.

Call Chimney Doctors of Colorado

If you are worried about some of the problems that springtime can cause for your chimney system, give Chimney Doctors of Colorado a call. We’ll conduct a chimney inspection and cleaning and leave you worry free to enjoy the spring and summer fun!